Thursday, 22 March 2012

El Diablo

I went to pick up Everett from the daycare a couple of weeks ago, when the teachers in his class asked to speak to me. They informed me that Everett had been wrestling with another boy, and had gotten kicked below his eye. They told me that they had spoken to both of the boys, but that Everett had not really learned his lesson.

I took Everett aside and asked how he had gotten that mark underneath his eye. I calmly told him that I had spoken to his teachers and that they had told me what happened. I even spoke to him in front of the teachers, so he would not be able to make up a story. I asked why he was wrestling and wouldn't listen. 

Here goes the rest of the interchange:

Everett: I wasn't wrestling or being bad, Mommy. (in an almost TOO convincing tone)

Me: Everett, now I know you're lying.

Everett: I'm not lying Mommy. (flutters eyelashes)

Me: Ok, Everett, if you're not lying, how exactly did you get that mark under your eye?

Everett: What this one?? (points at the mark)

Me: Yes, that one!

Everett: Ummmmm, that's an eye infection Mommy!!

Well, the teachers burst out laughing (which is completely understandable), and I try to stay as composed as I can. The teachers at the daycare are well versed in Everett's little schemes and they still love him :) At this point, I will only say that it's quite difficult to discipline a diabolical genius!! 

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