Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Right Idea, Wrong Execution

A couple of years ago, we were enjoying a very nice evening at home. I had made a lovely dinner of seafood linguine, that all of the family members just love. We were all in the middle of dinner when Everett announced that he had to go to the potty.

He had been doing very well in the training thus far, no accidents in quite some time. So well, in fact, that we decided to try and let him do this one on his own. Brian told him that he could go ahead and pee and come back so that he could continue eating his dinner. Away he went, and we just went about our lovely dinner conversation, waiting for the call to wash some little angel's hands. 

Everett sauntered back to the dining room, leaving his pants and underwear on the bathroom floor. He gingerly placed the bowl that Brody had discarded from his high chair onto the dining room table. He put it between Brian and I, looked from one to the other and exclaimed in the sweetest voice: "I peed in this bowl". 

Well, we thought he was lying, but it turns out that bowl was pretty warm. We were quite torn; we were proud that he'd done the job on his own, but less than thrilled with the execution of the task. Cue the laughter, of course. We may be the world's worst parents for discipline, but these kids are just too funny for their (and our) own good! Everett, on the other hand, was quite proud of his accomplishment. His big brother, Justin, just laughed and laughed. Well, I guess we all did. That was definitely putting the ass in a classy dinner!!!

                               (not my pasta, but close enough)

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