Friday, 20 April 2012

The F Word

Justin and I had gone to pick up the two younger boys from the daycare, securing them tightly into their car seats. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, Everett asked me: "Mommy, is fuckin' a bad word?".

I, of course, let him know (as calmly as possible) that it was a bad word and for him not to repeat it. I then inquired as to where he would have picked up this bad word. Without missing a beat, he told me "From the trees". At this point, Justin started to laugh his head off, adding fuel to the F Word flame. Brody kept yelling "fuckin' a bad word?, fuckin' a bad word?", all the while giggling. Justin and Everett kept laughing, and I tried to get the vein in my forehead not to pop all over the dashboard. 

Once I calmed them down, I told Everett I knew he did not pick up this word from the trees. If he had, we might be looking into some deep rooted (pun intended) issues. He hasn't repeated it since, I have to assume the trees have fallen silent. This begs the question: If a tree says fuckin in the forest, does a little Everett hear??

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