Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beat It Funky Brody!

Well, it's been quite a while since I have posted and we will go back to a story that I should have let you in on at Christmas time. I will no longer neglect this blog as I have been threatened with physical violence if I do so again! 

So we begin.....again!! 

We were on our way to drop Justin off at his football banquet last December when Beat It (by the late Michael Jackson) was playing on the radio. Everett immediately told me that MJ was swearing and that we should turn off the song. I told Everett that the song didn't have any swear words in it, but he said I was wrong, that he kept hearing the F word. I immediately corrected him and told him that the line was "showin' how FUNKY, strong is your fight". The smaller kids still thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them, so Everett asked me to explain the meaning of the word "funky, if it really is a word". 

I explained what the word meant and the boys seemed satisfied with my explanation. We dropped Justin off and decided to go do some shopping for Christmas decorations at Michael's. We got there and Brody was content to get into a cart that I was pushing, while Everett walked around. Now, Michael's is busy on your average Saturday, but a Saturday three weeks prior to Christmas is absolute mayhem!We got what we needed and headed toward the cash registers. We had a while to wait, as the line up was quite long. Everett started asking for colouring books by the tills and Brian and I were trying to keep the boys from having meltdowns. 

All of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, Brody shouted: "Mommy, am I in a FUCKIN cart???" Why is it that kids talk with super loud voices that everybody else hears? Why did it have to be Christmas time with what seemed like a million people cramped into one store. Why did Brian and I turn beet red, wondering if we'd heard him correctly? Of course we heard right, so had EVERYBODY ELSE in the entire store!! When Brian asked if Brody had just said what he thought he said, the nice people in frond AND in back of us were nice enough to tell us that they had heard the F bomb too.

I tried to do some damage control by explaining the Michael-Jackson-in-the-van-saying-funky-story, surely they would understand that we weren't the most horrible parents in the world. The lady in back of us was nice enough to tell us that her daughter teaches her grandson all kinds of bad words, so she had heard it all before. The lady in front of us said that if I was making that story up to save face, I sure was able to do it quickly and accurately. People around us were snickering, but it lightened the mood that Christmas shopping mentality can bring. 

Next time the kids tell me that a word they heard is a bad word, I should just shut my FUNKY mouth and believe them!!! 

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